The PPRABC adopts as own and completely identifies with the official position of RELCOM about wind farms.

The Latin American Network for the Conservation of Bats ( RELCOM ) recognizes that all technological development has an impact on the environment. Understanding this, we support the development of energy technologies that result in a reduction of air pollution. However every green technology must be in harmony with the conservation of biodiversity and environmental health.

The services provided by bats to the ecosystem and its positive balance for the global economy have been clearly demonstrated. In recent years, it has also been shown the adverse impact wind farms have on the populations of some species of bats.

Recognizing these realities, RELCOM remains attentive to the development and operation of wind farms in Latin America and the measures taken by governments and private companies to minimize the impact that these facilities generate regarding bats.

Consequently, we believe that the development of a wind farm must be preceded by a technical assessment of the locality chosen in order to determine the bat species present and their abundance and subsequent monitoring at the start of operations of the facility, so as to recommend best management practices.

 PPRABC has experience with Environmental Impact Assessments for wind farm projects and provides consulting services on that subject.